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Arise, and Fly Free




Out of the mist my ancestors rise

 To answer the call of the captive bird’s cries 

The calls that can make a human’s ears ring 

It’s the voice of my species, it’s not a yell or a scream. 

It’s a call of rejoice and the way my kind sing 


With your cages and bars and your clipping of wings 

You have taken all pride and made it only a dream 

I get yelled at and told my voice is all wrong 

But if you knew my species you’d know it’s my song 


 I was born with these wings so that I could fly high 

Not to sit in a cage and watch as life passes by 

Nature intended for me to be free and to be wild 

Not to be hand-fed or diapered like a child 

If only you’d look for the truth in my eyes 

You’d spare us the suffering of the bird breeder’s lies 


So out of the mist my ancestors rise 

To try to bring comfort to the captive birds’ cries 

Only in dreams will we ever take flight 

For this is the song of a captive bird’s plight 


Not truly an end, but a beginning.  BoBo’s life has touched many, and his Spirit now flies with the wild flocks of Seram, forever as an “angel of the forest.”  The Indonesian Parrot Project is using awareness and education as a means to preserve the beautiful cockatoos and parrots of Indonesia.

Thanks to Stewart Metz, President and Founder of the Indonesian Parrot Project, BoBo’s ashes were released in Indonesia, his true “home.”  


BoBo’s body is now as one with the Seram jungle, as he and all his kind were meant to be.

His body now nourishes the plants that feed his wild cousins.

Bo gave much of himself in life and he continues to give of himself in death.

With every sip of nectar, every tender bud, every whisper of wind in the leaves carries within it a part of BoBo.


BoBo’s Memorial 

The release of BoBo’s ashes in Seram, Indonesia 



BoBo’s Story 

 bo_collar_link_banner 2

All images, poetry, and video on this blog relating to BoBo, and Second Chance Birds, are displayed with the permission of Second Chance Birds.

Thank you, Sunny!

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  1. October 18, 2009 7:21 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing Bo’s story w/ your readers. Every person that Bo’s story reaches is one more person educated on the plight of captive birds.
    Thank you,

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