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Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo – Dancing the Dream!

October 9, 2010

It has been a couple of years since my youngest brother “introduced” me to Snowball.  “Hey – check out this cockatoo!” was his emailed message.  And so I did.

I share a home with parrots – three cockatoos, a double-yellow head Amazon, a Quaker, and two parakeets.  My brother knew that there was a 100% probability I’d follow up on his suggestion! 

This evening while finishing up my evening bird duties and waiting for a family “Skype,” I decided to turn on my laptop.  All of the flock, excluding Phoenix and Casper (sulphur crested cockatoos) were in their cages for the evening.  Doing a quick search on “Snowball cockatoo Youtube” brought an excited cockatoo to the screen, which Phoenix and Casper, with crests up, enjoyed.  And I noticed that there is a new Snowball video!  I’ve included the link in this post.  Snowball has gone international, and appears in commercials.  To all, enjoy the video!

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