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Vogue Italia’s September Issue: The Gulf Oil Disaster Through An Artistic Eye – Or Not?

August 7, 2010

What are your thoughts as you view Steven Meisel’s photographs of the Vogue Italia’s “Water & Oil” feature?  (please see sideshow below)

As I stated in my blog of 7/31/2010, BP has done a great job at moving the Gulf Oil disaster out of the public’s mind.  The use of dispersants, and the removal of Hayward from his previous job of CEO of BP are effectively moving the public to an “out of sight, out of mind” category.  I liken it to our general numbness of our polluting the world’s waters and outer space — “if you don’t see it, then it must not be there.” 

Photographer Steven Meisel and model Kristan McMenamy have taken bold steps in Vogue Italia’s September article, “Water & Oil.”  I view the content as not an attempt to glamorize the tragedy of the disaster, but as a look of the tragedy through an artist’s eye – Meisel’s interpretation of the images of the many oiled and injured animals, which we have all witnessed and turned our heads in disgust, disbelief, and grief.  And the bottom line – Meisel’s photographs rivet our attention back to the Gulf Oil Disaster.

“Under Water Love” Vogue Italia August 2010 : Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel

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