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Dumping Hayward – What BP Accomplished

July 31, 2010

Hayward will soon be a bad memory.  He is leaving the company he spent approximately 30 years with …. the fact that he was with one company so very long is in itself, admirable.  (I believe that my youngest brother, and an old friend who worked for McDonnell Douglas and remains at Boeing, are the only two people that I know have experienced that kind of job-longevity.)

And Hayward will receive a pension of (close to) $1,000,000.   Not bad, for someone who pissed off most of America this summer.

In my mind, the one monumental act that BP accomplished in their decision (thank BP’s Board for this one) is that they’ve been able to turn off the spotlight that has for so many weeks shone on the company.  Hayward, with his unbelievably uncouth remarks, was able – almost single-handedly – to keep BP in the public’s “eye.”  He was “the villan.”  A flesh-and-blood bad guy that America could vent their anger on.  Anger at the crud (ooops – crude) that gushed and gushed, anger at the loss of our environment and perhaps even species, loss of the lives of those killed in the initial explosion, loss of the economy in the Gulf area… 

BP and the Gulf Oil Disaster have been removed from the front pages of the majority of newspapers, sent to rest in the web-covered file cabinets.  Only those few who are holding their breath – hoping that beyond all odds, SOME wildlife may make it through their migratory cycles, SOME wildlife will not be driven into extinction, SOME Gulf families will be able to pull their lives back together without suicide or divorce or depression … those that have taken an invested interest this entire catastrophe … our broken hearts – are still watching. 

BP’s decision to dump Hayward was probably the brightest and best PR option that could have possible chosen.  And they took it and ran with it.

Let us NOT forget about BP, and all that the single oil rig explosion caused and ruined …  and will probably continue to effect for years and years.

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