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Gulf Oil Disaster – A Hole in the Ocean Video

July 6, 2010

The “official music video” of the disaster … to hopefully keep you and me – readers and everyone on this planet – focused on this devastation of Earth’s ocean.  It is so easy to become caught up in our personal lives – yet without this planet, life as we know it ceases to exist.

I have included some of the responses found on the YouTube link — which are posted in this blog anonymously.


I can barely watch this. The oil is still gushing into the gulf. Mr President, if it were in YOUR back yard, would you stop it before August.. or now it is said to be Christmas.

Very depressing but everyone needs to see this.

Incredible sound and great tribute on behalf of the animals &  lost lives.

Thank you…I haven’t seen any musicians making a benefit concert.

If anyone wants to help you can donate at 100% of the donations go to the Gulf. There are petitions for you to sign there and I have petitions on my profile. If you want to see them just send a friend request. I have committed $15.00 a month for as long as it takes. Please join me helping to do what we can for the helpless creatures that God gave us to take care of…


People, if there was ever a reason to stand up and take exception to the behavior of a company and the lack of ferocious attack by those we elect to protect all we need to live, this is it. We have but one Earth.
We may be of many different languages, colors, believe many different things, but the giant blue orb is our only home.
A giant blue orb! is what you would see from a million miles away. Water, if we not be arrogant and choose it over our minds, is our most precious resource.

I posted this on my Facebook page. This is very moving.

This song made me want to go and pour oil into every american river. After all you use 20,000,000 barrels of oil every day so the 50,000 (most being collected now) is a drop in the ocean. What do you yanks think you are doing to the world? This could leak for a year and still not be as much oil as the USA use in 1 day.

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