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International Bird Rescue and Research Center

June 26, 2010

For all wondering about who is rescuing the many oiled birds in the Gulf, there are two main centers:  the International Bird Rescue and Research Center (IBRRC), which was involved in the Exxon Valdez disaster; and the Tri-State Bird Rescue Research.  I have inserted an RSS feed on the side of this blog which contains the IBRRC’s blog. 

IBRRC’s Spill Response:

  • 2007: Cosco Busan – San Francisco
  • 2005: Ventura, CA Mystery Spill
  • 2005: Selendang Ayu – Alaska
  • 2004: Rocknes Spill – Norway
  • 2002: Prestige Spill: Spain
  • 2000: Treasure Spill – South Africa
  • 1989: Exxon Valdez – Alaska

I was talking with someone earlier today about the oiled wildlife in the Gulf area.  I was told that most people cannot view it, and will choose not to.  Which is why the Gulf Oil Spill is no longer predominantly displayed on the front page of newspapers.  It makes people uncomfortable. 

Thinking back several years, I remember living in California and taking my lunch on the beach.  Listening to the waves rush onto the shore and back out, to quickly join with the vast body of water.    And years before that, vacationing in Florida … Jupiter Beach, Ormond Beach …. and looking up and down the vast shoreline of sand.  Now soon to be a vast shoreline of oil. 

Back to the subject of this post …. the rescue centers and rehabbers that are working to save our wildlife – to each and every individual that is involved in the rescue effort, thank you!

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