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The Gulf Oil Spill – Who are You Blaming?

June 23, 2010

The raging oil spill brought me back to WordPress with a question to all:  Who are you blaming for this?  For me, I cannot believe that this is happening.  My thoughts go those who lost their life, to all who are now facing untold economic loss – but most of all to our environment.  Who is to blame?

A seemingly natural position:  One can start at BP.  That a backup plan, “just in case,” was never developed is unfathomable.  I am appalled that NO oil company has, at the time of this diaster, thought to develop and investigate mitigation and resolution techniques for deep drilling – nor allocated educational funding to encourage research into such a “think tank.”  NONE.  ZIPPO.  BP’s current CEO, Tony Hayward is doing an excellent job of proving he is affected by foot-in-mouth disease by his remarks …. and let’s not forget BP’s attempt to contain photos of the dying and dead birds and animals from the public.  Dear Mr. Hayward:  Your comment about wanting “your life back” — have you thought that perhaps the last thoughts of the dying animals parallel your comment?

Politicians – both sides.  Ahhhh – the wallets and pockets lined with the slime and putrid smell of oil.  It reminds me of the pockets of those lined by the pharmaceuticals and insurance industries.  Keeping up-to-date on the comments from the news websites, it is interesting to see those that bash Obama for his “photo shoots” during his visits (yes — he has made more than one), and those that see his visits as necessary.  Those complaining about “too much government” are now screaming for help from the government.  Go figure.

Now it is time for US, the people of this country, to look at ourselves for blame.  Who gave the oil companies such loose rein?  Who have balked at energy plans to wean our country OFF of the oil dependency treadmill?  It is WE that have grown complacent.  It is WE that, truth be told, should utlimately shoulder the blame.

Courtesy of the oil, pharmaceuticals and insurance industries.


Just my thoughts.

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