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“The Owl Box” Rental Application (A Post from the “Molly and McGee Support Group”)

June 12, 2010

  (re-posted with author’s permission)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Royal,

RE:  Former Residents, Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin and Baby Wesley

I am writing in response to the Notice I saw posted on THE OWL BOX.  I am very interested in filling out an application to take up residency.  I will give you my background to make it much easier for you to decide to allow me to move in immediately. 

I stumbled into your neighborhood about four months ago as I was  surfing for the day.  When I first laid eyes on THE OWL BOX, I thought, hmmm, kind of interesting and decided to sit back and observe it for a while.  I’ve always want to know what kind of neighborhood I would be living in and to ensure the neighbors are nice and respectful to others; and the security of me and my family.

As I sat there taking in the surroundings, I was more than impressed with this area.  The property on which this OWL BOX is located is absolutely beautiful and it is evident that the property is very well maintained.  The view from THE OWL BOX is breathtaking as you look out into the distance.  I was very impressed to see that you provide highest security team available.  Donna and Carlos Royal Security, with 24/7 “Security Cameras” to ensure that all will remain safe and secure.  I am also impressed with the Guard Dogs you have on the next property to alert THE OWL BOX to approaching flying objects.  Yes, I am overly impressed with the property and security.

I then turned my attention to the “neighborhood” and the residents that are currently living there.  What a lovely family this was.  It was impossible not to open my heart and get to know this family.  They introduced themselves as Molly, McGee (Leggs), Max, Pattison, Austin and little baby Wesley.  Beautiful family and the parents were such wonderful providers for their children.  The nurturing they displayed is something that I would hope many people have learned from that knows The Molly Royal Family.  Words escape me at the joy I found while with them.  Only downfall I could find, (which of course everyone has faults), is that Ms. Molly was not much of a house keeper.  I find it funny how some can be obsessed with cleaning while others do not seem to care about it at all. The most important thing in this residence, is that there was so much love and nurturing on a daily basis.  The kindness and respect that was displayed with The Molly Royal Family is truly amazing and I sincerely hope the world can learn from her.  And in my opinion, that goes much further than a tidy house.  Even the ones who did not have the privilege and pleasure of meeting them, my hopes are that this family will be on Oprah, Ellen, Jay Leno and Letterman, (just to name a few) and the ones who do not know her will understand what a beautiful family this is and why we all opened our hearts to the Royals. 

Back to my application.  I would love to rent THE OWL BOX.   I realize you are renting it “as is” and I will tidy it up a bit.  Not much, just enough to be livable for the next move in.  What my plans are, if you approve, would be to keep the  the option open to “sublet” in the future.  The relationship I developed with Molly Royal, well, I would love to see THE OWL BOX with her beautiful face back in this residence.  I realize she is young and feel certain that she and that ever so handsome Leggs McGee will want more children in the future.   I will tidy it up since she has moved on to another residence.  I will keep it this way for when she decides she will not find a nicer, more secure place than THE OWL BOX and she returns.  I did notice that the children marked the walls with red (crayon) but that will come off easily.  I can promise to allow the rodent population to rebuild so that we can ensure there will be plenty of food. 

In closing, I would like to comment on the Landlords of THE OWL BOX.  Who wouldn’t want to rent this box?  It is so hard these days to find a residence that you not only feel safe and secure in, but to have Landlords who actually love and care about you all at the same time.  You and Mrs. Royal have proven time and time again that you provide that kind, loving relationship with your residents.  I noticed with The Molly Royal Family, that when they would submit a “work order,” you basically dropped what you were doing to complete that work order in a timely fashion.  For example:  Molly and McGee were concerned that when their children started toddling and walking, that first step out the door was to much of a drop.  Immediately you built them a porch to calm their fears.  Then as they were testing their “wings” as all children do, Molly and McGee suggested a playground that would be safe for them.  Immediately, you went to work on calming their fears again.  You provided them with the best playground their children would ever have the opportunity of playing in and on.  You were always there, day and night to provide the best possible residence for this family of our Owls/Owlets.  For those who knew this family, and would at times become concerned, you were always there not just to ensure that The Molly Royal Family was safe, secure, loved and had all the provisions in life they needed, but you were also there to calm the fears of their friends who love her family dearly.  Their extended family.

Mr. and Mrs. Royal, you are exactly the kind of Landlords anyone would be Blessed with having in their lives.  You enrich the lives of everyone you encounter, which is a true gift to all that have come to know and love you so deeply.  You are the kind of Landlords who sit up day and night watching over your residents and ensuring their safety at all times.  You provide such wonderful advice, even though you are not an expert.  We know that you were researching everything you could to learn what we needed to know during the process of this lifelong memory.  You opened not only your door to everyone, but your lives as well.  If you will allow me to sign a lease on THE OWL BOX, I know I would have the safest, most secure, and loving home I have ever had in my lifetime. You provided Molly’s Family with so many opportunities in life that she would not have had otherwise.  I personally feel that if all Landlords had your love, compassion and desire to make life easier for others, this world would be a much better place to live in.  

You are the perfect Landlords.  Be it compliments or complaints, you always hold your head high and that smile would always brighten our days.  You allowed others to come into the MOD family due to Molly’s extended “family/MOD” demands.  Austin, Eric, Chris, VacaDude and so many more that have also touched the lives of many people in this world.  Words will never be able to express the gratitude I feel for allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime.  An opportunity that I hope one day in the not so distant future will repeat itself.  With the long term residency that Molly’s family savored in THE OWL BOX, I know you, as the Landlords must be feeling the same amount of bittersweet joy that I am.  So glad to see that our youngest, Wesley, could finally take the next step into her adulthood.  But the sadness that the For Rent sign had to be place on the box.  As we all know, children leave home and start their own lives and this is the best thing we could see.  Wesley starting her live in the outside world too.

I sit here with tears of both sadness and joy flowing down my face.  We can never recapture the past, however we will have memories that will last us a lifetime.   My biggest hope is that you will allow us the privilege of sharing the next family with us.  While you are processing my application, I would like to extend to you my gratitude for sharing your live and Molly’s life with me.  You allowed me to see the world through the eyes of a Barn Owl, something that even the Nature Shows have not provided us with yet.  I sincerely hope that you will consider pursuing getting this onto The Animal Planet or National Geographic for all that did not have the privilege of watching your live feed.  The world is grieving today with the OWL BOX being empty.  We all knew it was coming but was not prepared for the impact that is has had on me/us.  Molly and her family has allowed so many people with constant/severe to find relieve.  People who were/are struggling with terminal illnesses, you brought smiles to their lives.  People suffering from depression, well, you have brought them back into living.  You have taught us so much about loving and living.  Respecting one another.  I owe you so much for making my life and this world a much better place to live.  Please know that from the bottom of my heart how much I do, as all the other MODS do, LOVE and RESPECT you for you love and generosity.  Thank you.  We LOVE YOU with all of our hearts.  You Rock, Royals!!!

P.S.  If I need to barter with you I can.  I can offer you one horked possum, 3 half eaten gophers, 2 containers of rat bones and approximately 50 horks. 



Our babies Gone, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!

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  1. June 17, 2010 4:54 am

    What a wonderful letter this was, you said just what everyone has felt thru this process. I know in my heart that since this I have changed, I enjoy my life, I do not listen to neagativity or want to be around it, I feel so blessed to have been a part of this and got to chat with people from all over the world who were just beautiful. I learned the world is a beautiful place full of beauty and wonderful people. People should realize we need to love one another, no matter what nationality because you know there are great people out there and the royal family is one of them. Shari Cekalovich Citrus Heights, Ca

    • June 21, 2010 5:25 pm

      Shari: Thank you for your kind comment. I forwarded it to the author of the post. Remember that there is a support group for Molly’s Owl Box, located on Yahoo!!!

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