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Tiger Woods and Jesse James – What do they have in Common?

March 26, 2010

We all watched Tiger throughout his infidelity adventure –  from the crashing of his car to the last female coming “forward.”  (I still wonder why any one would want to tell the world about whatever…)

And now we watch as America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, endures yet another female (No. 4), coming “forward.”   Not only has No. 4 stated that she has emails and texting from Jesse, but she has also hired Gloria Allred, who represented Tiger Woods’ reported mistress Rachel Uchitel. 

Tiger was trashed by the public – over and over again.  I must admit that I felt somewhat like an uninvited voyeur watching the ordeal through the popular entertainment sites – both the internet and magazines.

And so we have two well-known gentlemen, who seemingly delighted in the shrouded secrecy of texting and emailing their mistresses.  But in their heightened states of stupidity, they forgot one MAJOR thing.  Which is what bring a sense of commonality to these men (beyond their cheating). 

E-mails may be deleted, text messages may be deleted, but their images wait on a server somewhere  …. as they leave an unmistakable trail that cannot be erased. 

As I read from somewhere:  “Don’t ever say anything on e-mail or text messaging that you don’t want to come back and bite you.”

Jesse:  Did you not learn anything from Tiger?

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