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Learning About My Mother and Sharing Treasures

March 23, 2010

This past Sunday I returned home from another trip to California.  I joined my mother, living in Laguna Woods, for a one week academy class at the Foundation of Inner Peace, Temecula, Ca. 

Each visit with my mother is becoming more and more of a joy.  It wasn’t always this way ….

During my last visit in November 2009, she showed me her jewelry “stash.”  And with a sly smile, she showed me one her greatest treasures …. strands of glass beads, probably worth zero in today’s market, but priceless nonetheless.  Necklaces from her grandmother.  Each necklace was carefully unwrapped from its protective tissue and displayed.  

This past Saturday, I was reading while sprawled across her bed.  She came in and sat next to me, with that same sly smile.  She reached up and took down a wooden box, with carved flowers across its top.  She opened it, and presented two handkerchiefs.  They were once my grandfather’s.  She told me the story of how after she went to bed as a child, my grandfather would come in and sweetly tell her what a great little girl she was.  And he gave her these special handkerchiefs. 

For over seventy years my mother has cherished these gifts.  And now, finally, my relationship with my mother has grown to one of trusted friendship.  We now share not only bits and pieces of our lives, but now our treasures, too.

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