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Making $$$ With Animals

March 3, 2010

With the world’s focus suddenly drawn towards Tilikum, the Orca Whale, people are weighing the costs organizations making money with animals.  Zoos, aquariums and animal parks (not let us forget the infamous roadside zoos) have bottom lines to meet.  And often, their “star” performer is what helps the organizations accomplish this.  But at what cost to the animals?  What happens to these animals, once they are injured, or become old?  And what “price” do they pay?  Their freedom?  Or perhaps their health?  Or maybe their sanity?  And their spirit?  That’s a lot to lose. 

CNN’s Gary Tuchman takes a closer look at this issue.  Please note “The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch” in this video.   The motto of the largest and most diverse animal sanctuary, adopted from the great Anna Sewell’s classic, “Black Beauty,” greets visitors as they enter and leave the sanctuary: 

Here my story ends.  My troubles are over, and I am at home.

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