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My Rant About DirecTV

February 28, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to the radio – Watercolors (DirecTV channel 851).  I noticed that there were no vocal selections.  Hm-m-m.  I thought that perhaps Sirius / XM was playing a tribute to music-only selections. 

Then I noticed that the music sounded different.  Tinny.  Not as robust or “full” as before. 

A quick Google search on DirecTV / XM informed me that DirecTV had replaced XM with Sonic Tap. 

Yesterday I went onto Twitter, curious to see what kind of response the audience was giving DirecTV’s new choice.  People don’t like it.  To be fair, however, I did see a couple of tweets by people who expressed exceeding happiness that DirecTV’s music channels are now talk free.  In fact, several tweets by DirecTV stated that the reason Sonic Tap was selected, was because of the talk free format.  I’m curious if the people who so badly wanted a talk free format realized that they were giving up quality sounding music. 

While reading the various tweets, I discovered I am not the only subscriber that is rather pissed off.  And I would bet that the radio package from Sonic Tap is cheaper than XM.  Which means that DirecTV is saving money …. which is why DirecTV has raised their subscriber rates???

I do not watch much television.  Perhaps an hour a day at most.  However, I DO listen to music.  And I don’t like people to “mess with my music.”  I am now searching for a different satellite / cable provider as my contract with DirecTV is complete.  If I don’t find a provider that I like, I will drop cable / satellite completely, and use that money for a subscription with Sirius / XM.

I’m hoping that there are others that will be following suit.

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