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Today’s Highlight: Jury Duty

February 5, 2010

Several weeks ago, I received an “Official Jury Summons.”  (Has there ever been a NONofficial Jury Summons?)

To be honest, I was hoping beyond all hopes that I would not be called.  My reporingt number is high.  I began my dutiful calls to the “Official Jury Summons” reporting telephone number Sunday night.  Every evening, I felt blessed as my number, although getting close, was not called.  Until last night. 

Those individuals who are 100% community service  minded …. those who actually look forward and enjoy reporting to jury duty – I take my hat off to you!  I am not one.

So, although looking mature and intelligent, my inside-child is actually throwing quite a tantrum about this.  And though  it is kicking, screaming and holding onto any door knob in hopes of not having to physically go, duty calls. 

Luckily, I have a good book to bring with me.

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