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Listen to the Warm

January 12, 2010


This is the way it was
while I was waiting for your eyes
to find me.

I was drifting going no place
Hypnotized by sunshine
barking back at seals along the beach.
Skipping flat stones on the water,
but much too wise for sand castles.
My castles were across the sea
or still within my mind.

There were the beach bars
and the other beach people
sometimes little bedrooms were my beach,
but I was drifting.

I must have thought the night could save me
as I went down into pillows
looked up through dirty windows
smiled back from broken mattresses
turned in Thunderbirds
and kissed in elevators.

I cried too sometimes
For me.

I loved every face I thought looked pretty
and every kindred eye I caught in crowds.
But I was drifting,
before you.


Rod McKuen,  from Listen to the Warm

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