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2009: KMA! Bring on the New Year!

January 2, 2010
In reviewing the past year, I’m more than happy to see it pass.
Last year consisted of unemployment; the loss of my four-legged companion of 12 years, Rascal, and the loss of my parrot of 19 years, Conan – loss and grieving never make the next time any easier; the disappointment and let down of acquaintances (perhaps I set the standard bar too high?); and to top it off, the person driving my Xterra, “drove into” a huge Tahoe SUV on New Year’s Eve day. Guess whose vehicle suffered most in the damaged category?  And there is also the looming sense that I do not belong in Boise, let alone Idaho. In a quick recap, I don’t recall any other year of my existence being so clouded with doom and gloom.  
This year I am investigating the possibility of starting my own business.  I have collected pertinent data, and the next step is determining whether or not my idea is feasible.  I’ve also decided to start working towards returning to California.  My family lives there, and the older I become, the more I understand the importance of family.  Besides, my brothers need a big sister to keep them in line!  (Ha!)   And I hope that the love that those closest to me give me, I return  two-fold.  
So I begin this year with different goals.  And as I truly believe that I have successfully landed on my ass, there is the comfort in knowing that there is only now one way to go – which is up.  
Thanks to all of this blog’s readers.  In my boredom and remorse of the past year, each and every one of you has helped me a bit.  You have read bits and pieces of my life, and to my amazement, there are some readers that come back to read more.  Thank you!
I am wishing us a New Year that is filled with happiness, challenges, and the success of meeting those challenges.  
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