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Animals making tools: Octopus and coconut Shell / Crow Makes Tool / Raven Smashes Nut

December 15, 2009

Animals that make tools:  In this post is the now famous octopus that snatches a coconut and runs with it, a crow that makes tools, and a raven using traffic to smash a nut. 

Octopus runs with shell …. which means that another animal is intelligent enough to use tools! (think quickly to the crow and raven …. videos of crow making tool and a raven cracking a nut are below the octopus)


Australian-UK researchers have found that a veined octopus has tool-using abilities.  The researchers observed it carrying coconut shell halves,  and assembling the two halves into a shelter. This sophisticated behavior adds the octopus to the list of animals that use tools, a list that was once thought (by humans) only to include humans.

Please see Current Biology, 12/14/2009:  “Defensive tool use in a coconut-carrying octopus.” [Current Biology, Volume 19, Issue 23]  

The use of tools has become a benchmark for cognitive sophistication. Originally regarded as a defining feature of our species [Homo sapiens], tool-use behaviours have subsequently been revealed in other primates in a growing spectrum of mammals and birds.”

The article continues by sharing that if the octopus only one half, will turn the coconut shell half over and hide underneath it. If they have two halves, then they will assemble the two halves into its original coconut form (as a ball-like structure) and hide inside it.

Observing a crow involved in tool making:

A Raven letting traffic smash the nut open …..

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