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10 Tips for Grabbing the Best Airplane Seats by ABC and Rick Seaney

December 11, 2009

10 Tips for Grabbing the Best Airplane Seats  (From Rick Seaney /

Airplane seating has been big news over the last few weeks. A debate arose when a picture of a large man in a small airplane seat circulated, US Airways said it plans to remove middle seats on its shuttle service between NY and Boston, and speaking of middle seats, a 58-year old woman is suing Northwest Airlines because she allegedly “injured her knee trying to get settled in a middle seat.”

So, how do you avoid the potential knee injuries, the crowded rows, and all of those other little annoyances that too often accompany flying? You nab the best seat, of course. Unfortunately, the best seats are in first class (or on a private jet) and that’s not how most of us fly. However, there are still ways to land the best seats in economy, but it does take a little strategizing.

Rick’s column highlights some of the things you can do to get the good seat and make your flight more comfortable.  Highlights include Select your seat when you purchase, Pay for premium seatingFly the Right Plane and Wait for Elites to Upgrade.  Once again, I cannot stress how fantastic and current this gentleman’s information and site are.  You can sign up for Rick’s tweets at:

Take a look at “Ten Strategies for Getting the Best Airplane Seats Available” for a breakdown of some of the best ways to give yourself a little more legroom when you fly.

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