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The Story of the Lovebird Looking for a Home

December 8, 2009

I first noticed it one afternoon.  A brightly colored small parrot sitting on top of my Xterra.  After trying several times to catch it, I placed two small dishes of parakeet seed and water on the hood of my vehicle, and went inside to call local veterinarians.  After several calls, I finally spoke to a receptionist that told me an older man had lost it.  He had several lovebirds in a cage and had gone outside with it — and the bottom fell out.  The receptionist said that the man had lost a couple of birds, but he wasn’t concerned.  Period.
I was hoping that this lovebird would find its way back to its home.  It didn’t.  It decided it liked the Xterra, so much so, that I had to shoo it off of the luggage rack before leaving for work in the mornings.  And I kept trying to catch it, with no success.
One afternoon I noticed that there were pieces of black rubber on the hood of the vehicle.  Closer inspection found that the pieces of rubber were actually pieces of the rubber seal around the windshield that the lovebird had decided to chew off.  Not good.  I again focused on trying to catch it, placing an open cage on the hood, baited with fresh seed.  However, it was very determined not to be caught. 
Things escalated when talking with Andy, my next door neighbor, a few days later.  Andy had just purchased a new huge 4×4, and he kept it in his driveway.  He had seen the lovebird around his windshield, and on closer inspection, noticed the tell-tale signs of pieces of black rubber.  Somewhere in our conversation, I mentioned the lovebird.  He became rather upset, and told me that he was out to catch it, planning to then carry out his planned death wish.
So the thinking of catching this mischievous bird turned into a very focused and determined plan.
After purchased a huge fish net from K-Mart, I stuffed towels into possible escape holes in the luggage rack.  I put out fresh food, and waited … and waited …. and finally, he was on the luggage rack.  With the stealth of a spider waiting for its next victim to land on its web, I swooped down with the net …. and caught it!!!  The obviously upset, biting and squeaking little lovebird was now in a secure cage!
As lovebirds are not my most favorite parrot species, I called the Cat and Bird Clinic in Santa Barbara.  Explaining the situation, I was told that they would gladly place the lovebird with a great client that loved lovebirds, and whose birds were health and well taken care of.
The lovebird is now part of a loving family.  Isn’t it nice when endings are so happy?  
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