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Buzz About the Next Reality Show: How High Can You Go?!

December 6, 2009
Rumors are flying about perhaps the most challenging reality show to hit TV!  “How High Can You Go,” scheduled for next summer’s viewing, is absolutely “the best of the best”!
Ten contestants will compete this walking in style challenge.  Each contestant will be given one pair on 11″ stiletto high heels — the shoe designer has not yet been publically released — to wear during the competition.


First round elimination
The contestants walk the perimeter of Boeing’s largest flight manufacturing plant!  Participants will be judged in their walking “style,” stoic smiles and happy greetings to the observers.  No breaks in the walk will be allowed, nor are the contestants allowed to grasp inanimate or animate objects to steady themselves.  This will be quite an exciting first round!!!!
The “boot off” for this elimination will be determined by the audience.
Second round elimination 
The trials become more difficult at this point, as they are now timed!
The contestants will attempt walking on a cobblestone street for a distance of one city block!  This round calls for astute navigation and balance!  And again, any falls or trips will automatically disqualify the unlucky contestant!  No breaks in the walk will be allow, nor are the contestants allowed to grasp inanimate or animate objects to steady themselves!
And just when you think this round is a cake walk, contestants will have had at least three mixed drinks before attempting this!  This is sure to have every viewer at the edge of their seat!!!
Third round elimination
Timed and more challenging, this round is bound to be tough.  Contestants are required to style their stilettos across sidewalks covered with ice!!!!!  We’ll see how many make it through this round!!!
Fourth round elimination
Do the limbo in your stilettos!!!!!!  How low can you go?!   Again, this is a real challenge, geared towards the few remaining stiletto stylers!!
As as the previous elimination rounds, this is a run against the clock!!  And also the best Limbo-er!  Lucky you!
Final round elimination
The final round was created as the ultimate test for stiletto stylers.  Timed and brutal, only one contestant will survive.  As the previous rounds have eliminated the weak in stiletto stylers, this is the best of the best!
This challenge to the contestants:  The 897 steps of the Washington Monument!  The remaining contestants will be challenged to walk up and down the steps of the monument!  What a fun challenge!  And as before, this will be timed!  And judges will be watching for those great smiles of the stiletto stylers!!!!!!
The winner of this competition will be given a “Love Your Feet” Foot Water Massager, AND TWO FREE VISITS to Dr. Bone’s Chiropractic office!!!
Disclaimer:  The writer acknowledges that this post is, in fact, a farce. 
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