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Do You Have Questions for If so, let me know!

November 28, 2009

 What I didn’t include in my last post about Resumark, is that earlier today I telephoned Andrew Kucheriavy, founder and president of Resumark.  I left a brief comment and a few questions, along with my contact information.  This evening I checked my email, and found a message from him.

Andrew suggested that I contact him Monday morning, and he will be happy to speak with me at that time. 
SO, if anyone reading this post has questions regarding Resumark, please contact me via my blog.  As long as the questions are realistic, I will be more than happy to ask Andrew.  Deadline for Comments / questions for Andrew:  Sunday November 29, 2009,  24:00 EST (12:00 p.m. EST).
(I can think of at least six questions at this time:  1)  How many job seekers have registered with the job board; 2) How many employers are currently using this service;  3)  What is the percent of placement out of the total number of job seekers; 4)  Does Resumark offer executive positions; 5) Do employers contract with the job board for a specific length of time; and 6)  Does Resumark have any thoughts about going public.) 
Now, how great it this … getting answers straight from the “horse’s mouth”!!!
Photo from   If you are a horse lover and enjoy laughing, you will absolutely love this site!
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