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Phoenix and His Greatest Lesson: Forgiveness

November 22, 2009

Phoenix 11/20/2009

 Every night I spend “quiet time” with Casper …. something that I’ve been doing for years.  It’s a special time.  All but him are in bed for the night, and all is quiet.  Sometimes I talk softly to him – other times I sing softly to him.  He allows me this time to stroke his feathers as he relaxes. 


Finally, Phoenix now enjoys his quiet time with me.  As with Casper, it is a time for just us.  Phoenix bows his head for pets, closing his eyes with contentment as I run my fingers gently through his feathers.  This was not how it was in the beginning, and it’s taken patience and time to finally begin the bonding process with him.  And the forgiveness process.


Last night it occurred to me how unlimited an animal’s forgiveness is.  And even when it becomes clad in the iron chest of fear, there still remains a spark, patiently waiting to become ignited with love. 
What Phoenix has been through in his 20 years of life, I have no clue.  Nor, in all probability, do I want to know.  However, I do know that whatever he endured left him panicked with fear and untrusting of everyone.
One year ago, this beautiful cockatoo lunged at those around him, with his beak opened as a defense.  Toys were threats, and his cage was his only refuge.  Within its bars of “safety,” he would cower in its back corner, his back turned to the invasive world.
That he could now trust me is remarkable.  And in that trust is his forgiveness to all that brought him harm.   
Now, if only the human race  – so advanced as a species – could only offer forgiveness to their brothers and sisters, and to themselves.  Like Phoenix, the cockatoo.
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