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Temecula to Laguna

November 14, 2009

I am now back in Laguna, and tomorrow morning will begin the trek back to Idaho.

The trip from Temecula to Laguna took approximately 4 hours versus the 2 hours the GPS originally allocated for the trip.  Between my mother (being a typical mother) and the somewhat irritating voice and direction-less direction of the GPS (I’m a Magellan woman), I probably lost whatever sanity I had during the adventure.  And I had forgotten about the thrills of CA freeways! 


ravenThis morning I heard a raven!   The metallic sound of its caw rang through the cool, damp air.   Early this past spring in Eagle, ID, I located a breeding pair around the foothills.  Their aerial acrobatics were astounding … beautiful as they became one with the wind, tumbling mid-air and soaring with silent beats of their wings.  Quite a memory.  (I must admit that the entire Corvus species ranks #1 on my favorite passerines list.)  


Back to Temecula:  All of the people I met while at the Foundation for A Course In Miracles were wonderful.  I will post more about the Academy class next week, after I slowly digest all that I learned and shared with others.  Each and every person that I spoke with shared a piece of Peace. 

To all, enjoy today!

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