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November 11, 2009

I’ve noticed quite a bit of “buzz” around  So, I decided to check it out.  I’ve also reposted this – yesterday I uploaded my resume to, and I opted to leave my graduate degree on it.  I’m curious to see if recruiters view it. 

One issue I found with Resumark is trying to edit my resume.  With my lack of knowledge of the board, I found I needed to completely delete it, revise it from my home pc, and upload it again.  If anyone readers have had better luck editing theirs, let me know!

————————————————– is owned by Intechnic, which is a full service Internet Business Solutions Provider.  Intechnic offers Web 2.0 Development, Enterprise 2.0 Solutions and Web Hosting.  The company was founded in 1999 and is located in Mundelein, Illinois.  

The Better Business Bureau’s review states that Intechnic has been accredited since May, 2009.  Intechnic’s president and principal is Mr. Andrew A. Kurcheriavy, and his telephone number is (847) 970-6190.  BBB lists Intechnic’s  “type of business” as Web Design, Internet – Web Hosting, Internet Services and Internet Shopping (think of eBay).  The BBB has received two complaints within the last 36 months which have been “resolved.”

When researching, I found a popular article (based on Google’s search engine) dated November 16, 2009, “Job Seekers Get Paid Cash to Post Resumes with”  From this article I read that invites employers to post jobs on the board at no cost.  When the employers request resumes, they are charged for the downloading. Andres Kucheriavy, Founder and President of stated “With the traditional model, job websites get resumes for free and then sell them to employers. With our model, employers actually pay job seekers for their resumes. All job seekers have to do is post resumes.  We handle the rest.”

In part of their marketing strategy, has focused on exposing other job board’s scams.  Andy Sauter, whose prior experience includes working with a major job board, is now a consultant for  He states, “Often jobs websites resort to questionable practices like resume ‘upgrades’ or resume ‘enhancement’ services that all have very little effect and are designed to take advantage of job seekers’ emotional state and desperation while promising instantaneous results.” 

According to, “Now, this isn’t a brand new service; Resumark launched last year. However, it was updated and relaunched in September with a more active job posting and search. It also has a Twitter (and Face Book – this writer’s insert) account.”  The article continues:  “Jobs can also be posted for free on the site. Listings are redistributed to all the major search engines and are sent to jobseekers based on their interest.  How does Resumark make money? By charging you (the employer – this writer’s insert) for resumes. It has a PPP model so you only pay for the resumes you want. It uses Google search, so it will help if you are adept at Boolean strings. Otherwise, sifting through the results won’t be a lot different than a typical Google search.  But for as little as $3 a resume, you may find the investment worthwhile.” 

 So, Resumark is making $2.00 to every $1.00 the job seeker makes.

 I advise anyone thinking about using to read their Frequently Asked Questions page.  One can learn that “the recipient is responsible for all federal, state and international income taxes resulting from commission payments.  Contact your accountant …..”  Also for your reading list is’s Terms and Conditions.  Important reading in this section!

 On a side note, I read something (my mind is now in “over saturation mode”…) regarding a special promotion contest (source was dated 4/13/2009).  The article read “The first one to bring them 100 registrations (legitimate resumes) wins $500.00.  My question:  Has anyone won this yet???

 Attention readers of this post:  If you learn of any additional information about, please let me know so I can update this audience.  Thank you!

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