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Sunday – Laguna to Temecula

November 8, 2009

This morning was completely fantastic.  I’ve missed the early misty mornings in CA, which greeted me this a.m. 

Watched the neighborhood crows’ roost break into today’s sunlight …. hearing their wings as they flew over me and disappeared into the distant morning light. 

I learned that retirement community terrorists are alive and well. These terrorists are determined to force their values and beliefs onto those that are unfortunate to live in the same building as them and are a real pain in the ass.  Definition of terrorism:  To intimidate or coerce, the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.  There is a point that these self-appointed individuals cross over the line of “helpful suggestions” to the stalking others that do not align their beliefs with those of the retirement community terrorists.  Who gave them this power?  And what rights do they have to stalk and prey on others?  (Note that a local retirement community terrorist of one building, in particular, climbs on the roof and uses binoculars to “spy” on others, and has also managed to have two beautiful trees removed due to …….?)  I now label these people as Terrorists of Retirement Communities.  More to come on this.

Time to eat breakfast and shove stuff back into my suitcase and hit the road (with my mother driving — my fingers ache from holding onto the dashboard during these drives). 

C2C5E5 (who greatly misses the flock and Mozart)

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