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Arrival – Laguna Woods

November 8, 2009

Flying Monkeys Air didn’t pan out, and so I ended up flying on Delta. 

The first leg of the journey was from Boise, ID to Salt Lake City, UT.  I got to watch someone use an “extension” seatbelt (due to body weight) … the snack on the plane consisted of a cookie (actually, two cookies per packet)….  WOW!  Plane was small, however, nothing compared to the next plane that I boarded for the flight from Salt Lake to Santa Ana John Wayne airport…

If the planes used by SkyWest get any smaller … well, I actually  can’t imagine that.  I sat next to person (actually, I was almost sitting ON the person) who belched, displayed labored breathing and incoherent mumblings, throughout the flight … I disembarked from the incredibly small plane happy this person was not my brother or anyone connected to my family.

While waiting for my mom to pick me up from the airport arriving flights curb area, I noticed an elderly gentleman walking towards me … geeze, he somehow looked familiar … MY FATHER!!  WOW!  A surprise!!

We lunched at Los Brisas, with the beautiful people of Laguna Beach. 

A side note:  I am seeing my father growing old before my eye …. and there is nothing I can do to stop it…

Back at my mom’s, watching crows fly to their evening roost.  Wow!!  This I LOVE!


And I now realize, that although I gave CA up in 2004, I miss it.  I think I want to move back.  I miss being in a “liberal” state.  Boise, ID, now seems too conservative.  I miss the “freedom” that CA offers.  Now, I need to start working my way back to CA.

Tomorrow a.m., on to Temecula for a week-long retreat.  Never been on a retreat, and so I have no expectations at this point. 

 I miss the flock and Mozart.

My Santa-Mom is starting to prepare for Christmas!!!!

So, here is the first journaling for sanity post.  Notice no clip art — ah ha I miss my home computer!


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