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Suggestions: What to Feed Parrots and Parakeets?

November 2, 2009

Breakfast Time!

This morning I took a picture of what the flock receives for breakfast. 


Rice / Beans / Pureed Mixed Vegetables (including kale) / Crushed Pellets (RBVP) – I prepare a large batch at least two times a year.   As I’m always attempting to better their diets, I used Harrison’s pellets in this batch – a change from the usual pellets.  After all the ingredients are mixed together, I transfer the mixture into ice-cube trays.  After the mixture is frozen, I then put the cubes into plastic bags (1 gallon) for easy freezer storage. 

In the morning I simply pull out four of the frozen cubes and defrost in the microwave.  I then add one chopped hardboiled egg (including egg-shell).  As this mixture spoils quickly, it must be pulled and disposed of every afternoon or early evening.  DO NOT LEAVE IN CAGES OVERNIGHT.

The flock also receives fresh vegetables and fruits – micro waved sweet potato, banana, apples, pears, grapes, peppers, carrots, Lima beans, peas, and broccoli.   I also include oranges, tomatoes, squash, kiwi, pomegranate, mango and brussel sprouts based on availability.   

Each member has a bowl of pellets which I leave in their cage 24 hours a day.  As the pellets are made of natural ingredients, I replace them every two to three days.  I store all pellets in the freezer.

The parakeets (I have three) also receive the RBVP mix and fresh vegetables. 

Other foods:  Cooked pasta, scrambled eggs, cooked chicken, cooked chicken bones (parrots only – they love to break open the COOKED bones and eat the marrow), cooked hamburger, non-salted nuts, slices of corn on the cob, cheese (given sparingly).


Whose food is in these bowls?  Beginning at the arrow and moving clockwise:

Herbie (Quaker parrot)

Snowman (Goffin’s cockatoo)

Casper (Sulphur crested cockatoo)

Amigo ( Double Yellow Head Amazon)

Phoenix (Sulphur crested cockatoo)

Parakeets – Some people I’ve talked to do not know that parakeets enjoy and need fruits and vegetables in their diet.  The parakeets receive RBVP and fresh vegetables.  Kale leaf (NOT spinach) is also given daily.  The parakeets also receive premium parakeet seed daily.

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