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Crows and Ravens – Publications and Research Articles

October 30, 2009

This list represents books and other crow and raven reads –  a generous mix of informative “easy reading” books, children’s books, and research articles.  This is not an exhaustive list!

The American Crow and the Common Raven by Lawrence Kilham (ASCAR* member), illustrated by Joan Waltermire (Texas A&M University Press, College Station, 1989).  *Anerican Society of Crows and Ravens

Bird Brains-The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies and Jays by Candace Savage (Sierra Club, San Francisco, 1995)

Crow by Boria Sax / Animal Series, London:  Reaktion Books Ltd., 2003. 184 pp. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, list of web sites and associations, timeline, index.  ISBN 1-86189-194-6.

Crows and Jays: A Guide to the Crows, Jays, and Magpies of the World by Steve Madge (1994).

Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow by Ted Hughes , (New York – Harper & Row, 1971).   Poetry

Crows, Jays, Ravens and Their Relatives by Sylvia Bruce Wilmore (Newton Abbot [Eng], David Charles, Middlebury, VA, 1977).

Crows:  Encounters with the Wise Guys of the Avian World by Candace Savage, (Greystone Books, Vancover, British Columbia Canada [2005]).

Crows of the World by Derek Goodwin, Illustrated by Robert Gillmor (published in cooperation with the British Museum [Natural History] by Comstock Publishing Associates, a division of Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York).

Fowl Play – Twenty hilarious years with a talking crow by Rev. Whitney J. Dough (Messages, Inc. Orlando, Florida, 1976).

 (Note:  There is a second volume to Fowl Play, however, I don’t have a copy and have never read it …..)

In the Company of Crows and Ravens  by John M. Marzluff and Tony Angell (Yale University / New Haven and London, 2005).

Mind of the Raven by Bernd Heinrich (HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. New York, New York, 1999).

Natural Coincidence, The Trip From Kalamazoo by Bil Gilbert (University of Michigan Press, 2004)

Ravens, Crows, Magpies, and Jays by Tony Angell, with a forward by J.F. Lansdowne (University of Washington Press).

Ravens in Winter by Bernd Heinrich (First Vintage Books Edition, October 1991).

Ravensong, A Natural and Fabulous History of Ravens and Crows by Catherine Feher-Elston (1991).

The Crows by Franklin Coombs (Batsford, UK, 1978.) Isbn 0713413271

The Raven’s Tale by C.W. Nicol.

Children’s Books (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Black Crow, Black Crow by Ginger Foglesong Guy; Pictures by Nancy Winslow Parker (1991)

Corvus the Crow, At the Pond, Volume I by Franklin Russell (Four Winds Press, New York, 1972).

The Cat, The Crow, and the Banyan Tree by Penelope Lively; Illustrated by Terry Milne (1994)

The Crow and Mrs. Gaddy by Wilson Gage; Pictures by Marilyn Hafner (1984)

Emily and the Crows written and illustrated by Elain Greenstein (1992)

Foolish Miss Crow by Peter Firmin (1989)

The Naughty Crow by Irina Hale (1992)

The Old Witch and the Crows by Ida DeLage; Illustrated by Marianne Smith (1983)

Raben-Baby [English] by John A. Rowe (1994)

Raven’s Roost by Bob Reese (1988) (Grand Canyon Critters)

Sammy, The Crow Who Remembered Photos by Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton; Photos by Ann Attwood (1969)

Schnabelsteher  [English] by Rafik Schami (1996)

The Tale of the Crow by Henry B. Kane (1947, Collins)

The Thief in the Attic by Kurt Wiese (1965)

Wonders of Crows by Wyatt Blassingame (1979)


* New to this list:

Crow Tales told by Bil Gilbert and Krishna Roy.  Audio Tape Cassette.  Available at American Society of Crows and Ravens (ASCAR)  Online Bookstore


To all crow and raven readers who look at this list:

And there is more!!!  Check your local university / college / public library research desk for dissertations on crows and / or ravens:

Parr, Cynthia Sims.  (1997). Social Behavior and Long-Distance Vocal Communication in Eastern American Crows.  Unpublished doctoral dissertation, The University of Michigan.

Other articles:

Stouffer, Philip C. and Caccamise, Donald F. 1991.  Roosting and Diurnal Movements of Radio-Tagged American Crows.  Wilson Bull.  103:  387-400.

Caccamise, D.  F., L. M. Reed,  J. Romanowski, and P. C. Stouffer.  1997.  Roosting behavior and group territoriality in American crows.  Auk 114:  628-637.

Brown, E. D.  1985.  Social relationship as a variable affecting responses to mobbing and alarm calls of Common Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos).  Z. Tierpsychol.  70: 45-52.

Brown, E. D.  1985.  The role of song and vocal imitation among Common Crows (C. brachyrhynchos).  Z. Tierpsychol 68:  115-136.

Brown, E. D. 1985.  Functional interrelationships among the mobbing and alarm caws of common crows.  Z. Tierpsychol 67:  17-33.

Frings, H., and M. Frings.  1959.  The language of crows.  Sci. Amer. 201:  119-131.

Haase, B. L.  1963.  The winter flocking behavior of the Common Crow.  Ohio J. Sci.  63:  145-151.

Heinrich, B.  1988.  Winter foraging at carcasses by three sympatric corvids with emphasis on recruitment by the raven Corvus corax.  Behav Ecol Sociobiol 23:  141-156.

Heinrich, B.  1988.  Why do ravens fear their food.  Condor 90:  950-952.

Hering, P. E.  1934.  The food of the American Crow in central New York state.  Auk 51:  470-476.

Hoffman, W. E.  1924.  The crow in relation to pecan culture.  Wilson Bull.  36:  175-184.

Ignatiuk, J. B., and R. G. Clark.  1991.  Breeding biology of American Crows in a Saskatchewan parkland habitat.  Can. J. Zool.  69:  168-175.

(I will update this list with other references as time allows.)

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